Friday, April 11, 2014

New stuff for the trailer

I originally intended to create a space for the kids in my trailer, because they go nuts if they can't access me at any time of the day. I put in a cute little vintage school desk for them to use. However, after using the trailer for a few months, I've found that they mostly just want to hang out in the reading nook. And, I want a comfy chair to sit in. So, I picked this up the other day at an auction for $3.00.

That's right, three dollars. There is no better place to buy cheap chairs than at an auction. Great vintage vibe, good neutral color, quality upholstery. It's comfy, and I can throw my leg over the arm of it when I'm reading!

Pretty soon, I'll never need to leave the trailer!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Weekend Finds

Sometimes, you find love where you didn't even know it was lurking!

I bought an broken orange laundry basket full of these Edward Mobley rubber squeak toys at an auction on Saturday. When I first saw these, I thought they were just ceramic figures. When I inspected them more closely, I completely fell in love. This was THE item to get.

They're dated 1960-1963. All four squeak and the three larger animals all have heads that rotate. The puppy and large lamb both have "sleep eyes" that close when they're tilted back. Unfortunately, Lambie's eyelashes have been a bit damaged, but she's still very sweet.

The puppy and kitty are going to go live in my trailer for now. I fall further in love with them every time I look at them. That puppy's cocked ear just slays me!

This is my "ugly lamp" purchase of the day.

It's a floor lamp that stands about five feet tall, I think. I love those hanging red globes! I really think this will be an easy sell. It's just so, so....SOMETHING! And if it doesn't sell? I'll find a place for it myself!

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Friday, April 4, 2014

Where have I been?

Well, now that the craft trailer is done, what more is there to say? I'm sure you think I've dropped off the planet. Or that I've barricaded myself in the trailer and I'm never coming out.

I've been making stuff. I made this for the trailer. You can find the pattern here. Not really made in the trailer, but definitely for the trailer. It's a fun pattern. A bit challenging because a lot of the work is done behind the previous round, but it goes pretty fast. And I always find it fun to change colors a lot. It keeps me from getting bored.

The trailer is absolutely divine. Sometimes, I just stand in there and think, "I cannot believe this is mine." I am able to actually accomplish and finish things. There are no distractions in the trailer. (Unless the kids join me.) No computer, no food (usually), just my stuff. And, everything I need is right there. I'm not hunting all over the house for what I need.

So far, I have done scrapbook pages, made a mini album for a baby shower, made a doll's dress, made Sally's Easter dress, and added cuffs to a vintage coat. All in my own happy space.

Monday, January 27, 2014

The Big Reveal!

This is it. The big trailer reveal. It's done. Sort of. Mostly. Let's face it, it will never be done, done. There are still windows to be replaced. The outside is not fully polished. I've got lots more decorating to do. We want to build a deck around it. But, it's workable. It's cute. I've even done a couple of projects in there!

So, a whole bunch of before and after pictures for your viewing pleasure. And, as a side note, it took pretty much one year to get to this point.

So, there it is! I can't believe it is mine. I really can't. The other day I was standing in there, cutting the fabric for my curtains and I thought to myself, "This is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me." Truly.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

This is happening!

On New Year's Day, we spent the afternoon in the trailer cleaning and working on details. After all the sanding Roger had to do on the table, that end of the trailer was covered in a not so thin layer of sawdust. I vacuumed, wiped and wiped again. I even got down on the floor to clean up all the dirt and marks from the construction phase. (And we promptly messed it up again by tracking in snow.)

We added these gorgeous brackets to the doorway of the reading nook. These lovelies were in a box of miscellaneous brackets that I bought at an estate sale. Roger spray painted them red, and I love the little bit of color they add to the doorway.

The reading nook is all cleaned out, and the mattress is in place. In fact, the kids spent some time in there yesterday watching a movie.

Roger did some touch up painting. He even touched up the inside of the closet. That's the difference between us. I would have left the closet as is. Who's going to see it anyway?

We added these chrome handles to the closet doors.

After all the cleaning and touch up was done, I couldn't resist moving in some of the bigger items. We brought in the sewing machine, filing cabinet, rolling cart, chair, stool and typewriter stand.

Did I mention it was snowing when we did this? The kind of snow that blows straight in your face, like tiny pieces of glass. But, it's happening! I'm starting to move stuff in! The only "construction" related project that needs to be finished is putting doors on the reading nook storage area. And those doors are built, primed and partially painted. Roger said he'll be able to install them tomorrow. Granted, there are still windows to be replaced, but that's nothing that will keep me from moving in and using my craft space.

Tonight, I took my yarn stash out to the closet. I love, love, love the way this looks. I used four hanging shoe organizers, and they fit perfectly in the closet. At first, I was a little worried that I wouldn't be able to fit more than one skein in each slot. But, then I realized that yarn is smooshy! I can cram at least two full standard sized skeins in each one. I think I'm going to try something similar with my fabric stash.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I Can See the Finish Line!

This craft trailer is so close to being complete that it's making me a giddy. Here are the latest pictures.

The sanded, finished, completed work table. I cannot wait to start working on that great expanse!
The closet doors are reattached, primed, and...

painted! Just need to add the handles. We're still discussing which handles to use.
All of these drawers had to be decoupaged. 

I got about six done before Christmas.

I finished the rest of them last night, and Roger installed them today. The handles and pulls are all from Ikea. Unfortunately, we didn't buy enough when we were there in October, so we are three handles short. And, Ikea doesn't sell them online. And, the Kansas Ikea doesn't open until sometime next year. I'm looking into other sources, but if anyone has three extra red Ikea Satta handles that they'd like to sell, let me know!

There are four doors that go along the very bottom of my cabinets. I found these awesome animal pictures in a Child Craft book from the 70s. I decided they'd make a nice pop of color. These are my doors in various stages of drying. This is how I've spent my New Year's Eve. Yeah, I'm pretty hardcore...
Tomorrow, I am going to start sorting and packing my craft supplies. It's hard to believe that I am finally to that stage! There is still some touch up painting to do in the trailer, a couple of doors for Roger to build and install, and the broken windows still need replaced, but it is ready for me to dust, sweep and start moving in! So, you know how I'll be starting 2014!
Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Looking like the real deal!

We had beautiful weather in Kansas today. Roger took the opportunity to do more work in the craft trailer. I can't believe how incredible it is looking. And the major components are all falling into place!

Check out these cabinets! The ones at the far end will be drawers. The white ones will be open and the bottom of the nearer cabinet will be doors.

We've collected old refrigerator drawers to fill the top spot in the white cupboards. This end is also intended to be used as a fabric cutting area. (I'm sure I'll manage to cover it with all kinds of stuff when I'm not cutting fabric!)

This yellow section will have drawers. The plan is to decoupage the fronts of the drawers so they match the reading nook area. Decoupage is my area of expertise, so I need to get to work on those!

My table is finally up. This is so exciting, because, let's face it, this is where I will be working the most. The table top is pine and will be finished with some kind of varnish or whatever. The drawers on the side were purchased at Michael's. Roger had to cut the table top to fit the curved end of the trailer. (That weird looking leg in the middle is not permanent.)

So, a fair amount of the work still to be done needs to be done by me! Decoupaging all those drawers and doors will take some time. Roger does still need to hang the closet doors and make doors for the storage area under the reading nook.

Wouldn't it be amazing if it were done by Christmas? I'm not holding my breath, but it's a nice thought.